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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Buying entire outfits

I did something today which I have never done before - ever.
I went into a store and bought a whole outfit, all full price, all from the new season collection, just as it had come in. I tried the pieces on together.... until I had an outfit that worked. I then also bought a belt which fitted in the belt loops. It wasn't an expensive store so the dent in my budget isn't huge.
Here are the pieces that I bought.
The wool mix trousers, a chiffon animal print blouse and this cardigan only in cream (not grey) which is slightly lighter than the brown trousers. I also added in black leather belt from the menswear section.


Tina said...

It's OK to buy clothes instead of fabric sometimes, you know. lol

Ann said...

Great looking outfit and enjoy wearing it. You deserve to buy some clothes.

Jen said...

That outfit is great. A great work outfit. I'm really loving animal prints.
I recently did this too. I had my mom with me in the change room and she suggested I try on a top I'd brought in with the jeans and it just looked amazing together. I probably bought more than I should've, but it was worth it.

Jenni said...

Ruth you will look lovely in that. As Tina says, its really OK to buy clothes not fabric sometimes. And all the items will work with other things in your wardrobe as well, so its not as though you got an outfit that will only ever stand alone.