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Friday, 12 August 2011

Orange dress is history

The orange dress's requirement for a special slip was annoying me, clothes shouldn't be needy, they should assist you! I also wanted an orange tee this morning to wear with my dark indigo jeans and orange snakeprint belt......
And shortly after that I was cutting the dress into a top and rehemming accordingly!
Ahhhhhh :-) I am now much happier.
(I wonder if there are enough bits left from the various offcuts from the dress and tunic to make ANOTHER orange top?)


kbenco said...

I have a feeling that you should step away from the sewing machine!
Sounds like a great outfit, but I am mourning the dress a bit, it looked fun, and needing a petticoat is not such a terrible garment crime. I would have to chop up a lot of dresses.

marysews said...

Sometimes you just have to be a real cut-up. Bwa-ha-ha!

Rhoto said...

WHERE's the "Like" button?? ;)