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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cream Tee 1 - nearly done

Here's the first of the Cream Tee Collection.
I've used my classic TNT scoop neck tee pattern with two small changes.
The first is the neckband is cut slightly wider and then twisted an inch before being sewn in place. The second is I sewed some knit leaf shapes on the front on one side as a little bit of tonal interest.
Hemming still outstanding, and I'm in a battle with the Coverhem which seems to have overly aggressive tension and the thread keeps breaking. Not quite sure what the problem is.
Anyway here's progress so far.
For some reason the front is 1/2" longer than the back. I think due to cutting out on a table with stretch knit yardage pooling on the floor. I think the others will need cutting out on the floor until I get nearer the end of the 5m of cream jersey I bought from Totally Fabrics some months ago.
(I bought multiple times from Totally Fabrics and only had the occasional fabric which wasn't what I expected. I totally recommend them! I'd still be buying stuff from the 'Lycra Jersey' pages except I'm a bit skint really)


Nancy W. said...

top looks great. I have a constant battle with my coverstitch. I guess I'm not that good at figuring it all out on my own. No dealers around here offer any kind of training, so I just keep reading blogs and threads to learn. Hope you figure out how to solve your problem.

shams said...

I don't have a coverstitch, but hopefully it's something minor. I really like the twisted neckline!