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Friday, 12 August 2011

Lovely jewellery from 'PrettyCool'

My Autumn Wardrobe Collection needed some jewellery, well perhaps it didn't, but I succumbed to a fabulous UK accessories web business - loads of stuff I liked on their site PrettyCool.
My purchases arrived very quickly and I am very pleased with them as they as nice quality in reality as the photos. (I know I've been disappointed when buying from catalogues when the things are not as exciting when they arrive as they look in the photos.)

Bold necklaces are my accessory of choice, closed followed by relatively small earrings (I have a short neck and broad jaw) and then by giant bright coloured pashminas from September onwards. I even took necklaces camping :-)
I've given up on bracelets and dress rings as they just catch on stuff and particualrly get in the way at the computer/desk, so I take them off and lose them! I have a few cuff style bracelets which I wear occasionally, but the other bracelets need to be recycled for beads or given away.

The silver coloured is my favourite and is heavy and lies beautifully against the neck. Its a bold statement and not for everyone, but I love it!

 2 fun flowers which can worn as brooches or clipped in the hair.
A plain dark brown necklace of flat beads - great for tying any colour top to work with dark brown skirt or trousers.

I was also hugely tempted by this leaf necklace as leaves are one of my favourite motifs, perhaps next time!


Lisa said...

I love your new purchases !! you have the same taste in accessories as me . Thanks for the link I've never heard of that site but I will be buying lots lol !!!

Lisa said...

Where do you buy your pashminas from ?

Ruthie said...

Hiya Lisa, my pashminas are not the real sort, most of mine I bought from TJHughes (budget department stores in the North, but I think now in receivership, a casualty of the recession).

www.prettycool.co.uk said...

Thanks for your kind comments Ruthie, we really do appreciate your feedback and I found your blog via our site stats.

Kind regards
Caroline Rutter from prettycool!