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Thursday, 25 August 2011

The gym and a strange hat.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in 10 years. I did a class called Body Balance which is one of those stretching pilates type classes. I loved it, though I was not at all good at standing on one leg like a star or whatever it was. My legs felt like quivering jelly afterwards so it must've worked.
I wore my navy Burda leggings and a big old oversize t shirt. It looked pretty hideous, but since it was in the room for classes away from the main gym, I was there to exercise and the rest of the class (and the teacher) were ladies older than me I didn't fret too much. Seeing yourself in those mirrors round the edge is quite interesting, much better than I get to see in my sewing room mirror at home. I shall be back at least twice a week.

I don't currently have a lot of plans for gym stuff but will throw in the odd pair of leggings and maybe some better tops as I'm sewing other things.

Meanwhile I decided to use some of the teeny scraps left from sewing the cardigan coat to make a matching hat. The band fits OK but the rest of it is huge and I think it'll need darts to get the hole to close at the top as the cotton knit fabric is very bulky and a drawstring approach didn't work very well. I may need to reduce the length a bit as well.

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