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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More Capsules

These Capsules are taken from the book Colour Me Beautiful: Looking Your Best which is from the early 90s I think so getting a little dated now.
However it does do a 12 piece wardrobe plan for each sub season. These don't quite follow any rules that I have managed to codify into a spreadsheet, and none of them quite works for me as is, but I thought it might be useful.

Deep Winter
1. Jacket: Black
2. Jacket: Red
3. Dress: Red
4. Skirt: Black
5. Skirt: Red
6. Skirt: Black /red Pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Black
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Red /lemon /white pattern
10. Blouse: Lemon
11. Blouse: Red and white
12. Sweater/Wrap: White

Cool Winter
1. Jacket: Navy
2. Jacket: Stone
3. Dress: Magenta
4. Skirt: Navy
5. Skirt: Stone
6. Skirt: Navy and stone weave or pattern
7. Trousers: Navy
8. Blouse: Magenta
9. Blouse: Magenta and navy
10. Blouse: Navy and stone
11. Blouse: Navy
12. Sweater/Wrap: Navy

Clear Winter
1. Jacket: Charcoal
2. Jacket: Royal blue
3. Dress: Royal blue
4. Skirt: Charcoal
5. Skirt: Royal blue
6. Skirt: Charcoal /Royal clue pattern or blend
7. Trousers: Charcoal
8. Blouse: White
9. Blouse: Icy blue
10. Blouse: Charcoal and Icy Blue
11. Blouse: White and Royal blue
12. Sweater/Wrap: White

Soft Autumn

1. Jacket: Olive
2. Jacket: Khaki
3. Dress: Bittersweet
4. Skirt: Olive
5. Skirt: Khaki
6. Skirt: Olive/Khaki/Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Olive
8. Blouse: Ivory and olive
9. Blouse: Bittersweet
10. Blouse: Bittersweet and olive
11. Blouse: Ivory and olive
12. Sweater/Wrap: Olive

Warm Autumn

1. Jacket: Golden brown
2. Jacket: Bronze
3. Dress: Light Clear Gold
4. Skirt: Golden brown
5. Skirt: Bronze
6. Skirt: Golden brown and bronze weave
7. Trousers: Golden brown
8. Blouse: Light Clear Gold
9. Blouse: Bronze and Light Clear Gold
10. Blouse: Buff
11. Blouse: Bronze and buff
12. Sweater/Wrap: Bronze

Deep Autumn

1. Jacket: Black brown
2. Jacket: Rust
3. Dress: Marigold
4. Skirt: Black brown
5. Skirt: Rust
6. Skirt: Black brown / Rust weave
7. Trousers: Black brown
8. Blouse: Rust and Ivory
9. Blouse: Rust and Marigold
10. Blouse: Ivory
11. Blouse: Marigold
12. Sweater/Wrap: Black brown

Light Summer
1. Jacket: Light charcoal
2. Jacket: Medium blue
3. Dress: Rose
4. Skirt: Light charcoal
5. Skirt: Medium blue
6. Skirt: Light charcoal / Medium blue / Soft white weave
7. Trousers: Light charcoal
8. Blouse: Soft white
9. Blouse: Soft white and grey
10. Blouse: Medium blue and soft white
11. Blouse: Medium blue and rose
12. Sweater/Wrap: Medium blue

Cool Summer
1. Jacket: Blue charcoal
2. Jacket: Soft white
3. Dress: Raspberry
4. Skirt: Charcoal blue-grey
5. Skirt: Soft white
6. Skirt: Blue charcoal and Soft white weave
7. Trousers: Blue charcoal
8. Blouse: Soft white
9. Blouse: Raspberry
10. Blouse: Raspberry, Blue charcoal and Soft white
11. Blouse: Icy Pink
12. Sweater/Wrap: Soft white

Soft Summer
1. Jacket: Pewter
2. Jacket: Amethyst (pinky purple)
3. Dress: Dusty Rose
4. Skirt: Pewter
5. Skirt: Amethyst
6. Skirt: Pewter /Amethyst /Soft White
7. Trousers: Pewter
8. Blouse: Dusty Rose
9. Blouse: Soft White and Amethyst
10. Blouse: Pewter and Amethyst
11. Blouse: Pewter and Dusty Rose
12. Sweater/Wrap: Pewter

Clear Spring
1. Jacket: Charcoal
2. Jacket: Warm pink
3. Dress: Purple
4. Skirt: Charcoal
5. Skirt: Warm pink
6. Skirt: Charcoal & Warm Pink weave
7. Trousers: Charcoal
8. Blouse: Purple
9. Blouse: Warm pink & charcoal
10. Blouse: Ivory
11. Blouse: Warm pastel pink
12. Sweater/Wrap: Charcoal

Warm Spring
1. Jacket: Golden Brown
2. Jacket: Buttermilk
3. Dress: Rust
4. Skirt: Golden Brown
5. Skirt: Buttermilk
6. Skirt: Golden Brown/Rust/Buttermilk Weave
7. Trousers: Golden Brown
8. Blouse: Yellow gold
9. Blouse: Golden Brown and Buttermilk
10. Blouse: Buttermilk and Rust
11. Blouse: Rust and Yellow Gold
12. Sweater/Wrap: Golden Brown

Light Spring
1. Jacket: Ivory and Camel
2. Jacket: Camel
3. Dress: Ivory and Camel
4. Skirt: Camel
5. Skirt: Ivory and Camel
6. Skirt: Camel and Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Camel
8. Blouse: Ivory and Camel
9. Blouse: Ivory and Clear Aqua
10. Blouse: Clear Aqua
11. Blouse: Peach and Aqua
12. Sweater/Wrap: Ivory  


starryfish said...

This is very interesting.I have been trying to get a capsule wardrobe together, but last winter I tried grey as a theme, and my DH thought it was very dull.He really hated my charcoal cardi and skirt combo. I think I'll use more purple and warm pink as toppers this time, or silver grey.

Ruthie said...

Oh yes those sound nice. And a funky necklace or pretty scarf will also add to plainer items.