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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Ladylike clothing

September's UK InStyle magazine has a great article about what they call the 'new' demure, which is all about how the influence of the Middleton sisters, plus the current financial climate is making wearable and 'proper' women's clothing more fashionable/widely available.
It was a huge relief to read, this is stuff you can wear to work and look like you made a bit of an effort.
The article concludes "Its OK just to want to look nice, to look pretty and neatly put together."

As ever I'm only going to take the parts of this trend (approach?) which work with my taste, lifestyle and body shape, and ignore the rest, something that now I'm over 40 is more important than ever.
Loads of my patterns are spot on, and I'm planning to make the Vogue 8679 skirt in tweed soon, though will be adding pockets. I'm also going to go back after pay day and try on these classic wool trousers see if the fit is passable, since they are channelling the Chloe vibe I loved months ago.

Wool Trousers

Chloe Outfit

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Jenni said...

The trousers are lovely and I think would suit you