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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hat, gloves, belt and Leeds Fabric

I had some bits left over from making the cardigan coat and felt compelled to put them to good use. On that basis I made a narrow belt from sections of the less stretchy ribbing. As this had a raw edge I made it into a tube and turned it through. I think I might give it a press to make it a bit flatter. You can see the tiny sections of stretchy rib at the ends of the belt. I left this open and sewed the overlocker threads back through the seam allowance for neatness.
I also made a knitted fabric hat. It has darts in the upper section to draw the width up to the point. I couldn't make it come to a gathered point, so it has 4 little seams which meet at a point. These have then been hand gathered inside. The ribbing (more of the less stretchy sort) was applied separately, partly becuase of the way the ribbing ran compared to the cables of the knit, but also to draw things up.
I still had some bits left over, so made some matching mittens as well. To get these from the scraps I've had to have the thumbs as separate pieces. I was out of ribbing by this point, so used some of the main fabric cut shorter and stretched to fit.
The scraps leftover are too small for anything meaningful, so I felt I really got good use from this sofa throw.

The week before last I bought some beautifully soft knits on Leeds market, which I'd not photgraphed earlier - here they are.
Left: red and white stripes, Centre: chocolate brown, Right: white and black stripes.
I don't currently have particularly clear ideas what I want to make with them :-) tops probably.


pdiddly said...

These look great - nice fabric too

Jenni said...

And every bit of the animal was used... very thrifty indeed.
The top fabrics look fabulous. Particularly the chocolate which will work well with the neutrals you have been amassing lately.