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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Building up my neutrals

One thing the Nancy plan showed is that I actually like colours and prints way more than is practical for maximum wardrobe mixing and matching, so I have made a little bit of effort to increase my neutrals quotient.

Since my stash doesn't necessarily reflect this, I decided to use some purchased items as a starting place, and then add in some sewn garments as well.

I started with the trousers and cardigan I bought last week, then added a crinkle blouse and faux suede skirt in similar colours. These last two were thrifted yesterday and both required alterations, so I decided to do the alterations promptly today, put the garments through the laundry and then I would be ready go.
The blouse just needed the sleeves hemming a bit shorter, but the skirt was too long, too loose on the back waist and too tight on the hips, so I did a lot of messing about shortening from the top to give more hip room, making the shaped waistband narrower and shorter, adding back darts, a back invisible zip etc. The end result looks good, and I couldn't have purchased the fabric for the price so it was worth doing.
The skirt and blouse are in shade between the light brown trousers and the cream cardigan and I suppose could be called champagne, sand or similar.
Next item is a knee length cardigan made from a knitted sofa throw. I'm going to go and cut this out now and get sewing it up. The colour is what I would call taupe and is darker than the trousers, though the different shades of beigeness all seem to work quite well together. Entire beige outfits are VERY boring on me, but I understand the flexibility of these neutral item.
After the Taupe cardigan I am planning on making some plain cream knit tops, including a plain scoop neck as well as some more adventurous designs. I quite often find I'm looking for a cream top to work with other wardrobe pieces, and only have colour and pattern, so although boring these should be useful.


Rhoto said...

Hello Ruthie!!
Did you purchase your neutral swaps?? Are they in a book?? VERY nice!!
I--like you--have changed my colours. But, opposite to you, I have 90% solids. Seems polka dots and animal prints suit me best ;)
Isn't it a LOT of fun to be a girl, eh!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

sdBev said...

We all hate the boring sewing, but you got to do it for an exciting wardrobe. Good Job, Ruthie.

Rhoto said...

Hello Ruthie!!
Where/how did you purchase your colour swatches?? Are they in a book?? VERY nice!!
Warm greetings,
RHOnda, who wants one, too ;D