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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Capsule Summary

I've tried to summarise the most common options in the CMBLYB wardrobes and have come up with this:-

Jacket:     Neutral1
Jacket:     Neutral2
Dress:     Colour1 or Neutral1 or Neutral2
Skirt:     Neutral1
Skirt:     Neutral2
Skirt:     Neutral1&2 weave
Trousers:     Neutral 1
Blouse:     Colour1
Blouse:     Colour2
Blouse:     Neutral1&Colour1
Blouse:     Neutral2&Colour2
Sweater/Wrap:     Neutral1

When I then plug in my planned colours of Chocolate, Taupe, Orange and Ivory I get....

Chocolate Jacket
Taupe Jacket
Dress in Chocolate or Taupe or Orange
Chocolate Skirt
Taupe Skirt
Skirt in Chocolate and Taupe weave
Chocolate Trousers
Orange blouse
Ivory blouse
Blouse in Chocolate and Orange
Blouse in Taupe and Ivory
Chocolate Cardigan

I'd swap out lots of the skirts for more trousers, use a weave which has all 4 colours in it, and have knit tops for the blouses. My planned dress is probably in a print also with a chocolate background.

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