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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nancy Adds Colour!

Nancy's next post is out, this time she's beginning to add colour into the previously very neutral palette, and its starting to really appeal to me. The colours she's choosing are also very suitable for my Clear Spring colouring, so I might try to interpret her plan very much as she's outlined it.
First of all she starts with the 'Core 4' this is basically a top, jacket, skirt and trousers all in pretty much the same neutral colour, she uses coffee brown. This should be your 'Key Neutral' which is basically a tone found in your hair colour.
She then adds basic accessories to this of a matching bag, shoes and belt. Also a necklace which includes this 'Key Neutral' and also a lighter neutral.
After this she adds in and underlayers and overlayer top in the lighter neutral colour, plus animal print scarf, bags and necklace which have both the original neutral, the light neutral and if possible black (to tie with black basics you already have),
After this she also adds the light neutral as 2 more bottoms, plus some light neutral shoes if desired.
After all these neutral pieces she finally starts to add colour - an overlayer and underlayer top, plus a simple scarf and a pashmina and another necklace, but now having all 3 colours present to continue to tie things together.
A hint at the end implies she's going to add at least one print piece in next week, which will be interesting.
I've done myself a little spreadsheet which lets me change the colours and it automatically updates the colours in the list of items, so I shall try a few of my wardrobe favourites and see what comes out and if I can do it with clothes I already have, As a pear shape I tend to avoid dark tops and light bottoms, so it may not work too well, I shall have to see......

I've plugged Bitter Chocolate (a very dark brown), Mocha Brown (a more medium but not particularly warm brown) and Orange into my sheet and get.....

Bitter Chocolate Trousers
Bitter Chocolate Skirt
Bitter Chocolate Cardigan
Bitter Chocolate Knit top
Bitter Chocolate Classic Bag
Bitter Chocolate Shoes
Bitter Chocolate Belt
Bitter Chocolate and Mocha Brown Necklace
Mocha Brown Trousers
Mocha Brown Skirt
Mocha Brown Shirt Jacket
Mocha Brown Knit top
Bitter Chocolate and Mocha Brown Scarf
Bitter Chocolate and Mocha Brown Bag
Bitter Chocolate and Mocha Brown Necklace
Mocha Brown Shoes
Orange Shirt
Orange Knit top
Bitter Chocolate, Mocha Brown and Orange Scarf
Bitter Chocolate, Mocha Brown and Orange Necklace
Bitter Chocolate, Mocha Brown and Orange Pashmina


Rhoto said...
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Rhoto said...

Hummm... "spread sheet", eh?! I've always spread my separates and accessories on my "bed sheets" and played with 'em like paper dolls ;)
Guess I'm getting old-fashioned, Ruthie ;)
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Carol said...

You're good at this sort of thing - looking forward to seeing what you do. Bitter chocolate is a great neutral for so many and I love it with a deep orange.