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Thursday 4 October 2012

Sewing room and plans

The chair in the sewing room was a very cheap sort bought new, more a teenager's homework chair than a proper office chair, so I was really pleased when my local quality used furniture store showed this
so I popped in and bought it for £15.00 and it is so much more comfortable then the old one.

The green is rather bright, and the sewing room has a blue carpet which it clashes with rather, but I'm not going to worry about it too much. I have recovered similar chairs successfully before, so if it really bugs me may get out the staple gun.

I've started the new job and I'm really enjoying it, although I must be using my brain more or something becuase I've been worn out every evening and just watched TV and gone to bed not doing any sewing. Hopefully once I get more into the new routine, I'll have a bit more energy in the evenings.

When I do I am going to
1 - finish the brown stripe jacket
2 - finish the brown knot front dress
3 - sew up a brown striped waistcoat cut out some time ago
4 - sew up a cream knit top cut out last year

after that I can do something new.


Jenni said...

Nice chair. It makes such a difference to your desire to sew when you know that you will be comfortable when you sit down to begin.
The finishing up plan sounds good, all items that are immediately wearable also.

RhondaBuss said...

Love the green chair. Such a happy color to look at. Nice and bright for a sewing studio!