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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Boiled wool jacket - cut out at least

I finally got brave and cut into one of my pieces of boiled wool.
I bought this on a stall in Preston market about 2 years ago with YorkshireLass, so as well as being the least expensive boiled wool in my stash it is also the newest.

This is the jacket part of my 6-piece-Autumn-Collection, though it may have more than 6 pieces in it.
I'm making view B without the belt. When we fitted it we adjusted it so the front overlaps and can have buttons/buttonholes.
I only bought 1.5 mentres so there wasn't enough for a whole skirt, but I did manage to squeeze out the outer yoke and centre front and back panels of a shortened view F.
There isn't actually a centre back panel but I created one by cutting down through the back dart and adding on a seam allowance.

The rest of the skirt will later be cut from some dark navy tweed flecked with a lighter navy and white. This same fabric is planned to also be another jacket from the same pattern and then the skirt can then be worn with either jacket.
There may be extra tweed fabric left, but I suspect it is too nubbly for trousers, so a plain skirt, a waistcoat or even a sleeveless dress?

Anyway for now I am going to be working on the jacket though I am in work all day, have an evening haircut booked tomorrow etc etc so we shall have to see how much I manage to do in the evenings.


Jenni said...

Ooh looking forward to seeing the new wardrobe.. particularly the jacket and skirt. Hope work behaves itself and allows you some sewing time this week.

pdiddly said...

good luck with your new wardrobe - sadly I never have the staying power to stick with a set sewing plan

L said...

Though I have yet to make one, I like the idea of a tweed waistcoat. I can see it with your skirt and a ruffled blouse. Very classy. As always, I'll be following with interest. =)

Zoë said...

The skirt and jacket sound fab ;)