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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Goodies from Bonds

When I visited Yorkshire Lass a few weekends ago, we agreed NOT to go fabric shopping as we both have a lot of fabric (and I have way more than Yorkshire Lass), however we thought it would be entirely justifiable to go to Bond's in Farsley which is an old fashioned haberdashery shop.
top left to right
2 navy blue metal zips, these are for when I recover the armchair, I will use these for the new cushion covers.
a reel of blue webbing type trim, this will be bag handles
invisible zips, various lengths
and some ecru cotton canvas for making bags
bottom left to right
many metres of fine cord, for use on drawstring bags
red darning wool, to try to mend sweetheart's woollen sweater


Anonymous said...

I live about 200m from Bonds and it is a major challenge not to visit every day. I would recommend them to anyone whose in the area. They have the most wonderful selection of buttons and trims and they are all really friendly and helpful.

SewRuthie said...

Yes I can imagine that being a serious challenge!