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Monday, 26 August 2013

Dark Denim finished

These dark denim trousers (pants), were in the unfinished projects box, I think because they didn't fit at the time.
I've since got a bit fatter so they fit quite well now.
All I did was sort out the bottom of the invisible zipper in the back, and hand sew the facing to the zipper tape and all the seams and darts.
They are a dark indigo stretch denim with no pockets or topstitching, but should sit nicely under tees without added bulk round the waist and tummy area.
They look great with yesterday's tee.

 I used New Look 6415, taking deeper darts and moving the zipper to the back. The were originally constructed in April 2008.

I also mended the Flag Pocket jeans, as the seam beneath the invisible zipper had come apart.
So I now have two more pairs of jeans like trousers back in circulation!


Ann said...

Nice to have UFO's and mending done.

Anonymous said...

I have so many UFO's awaiting completion. Some I just couldn't figure out, some I just hated and some that didn't fit. You inspire me to go through that pile and see what I can do! Great pants!