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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Culotte half slip

A slight detour from the navy boiled wool because I decided I wanted a soft cotton culotte half slip to wear under dresses when I don't want to wear hosiery.
I adapted an elastic waist Burda magazine pants pattern to get this.
Seems comfortable, so will try it under a dress tomorrow.
The culotte slip worked very well so I made another identical one.
For those who'd like to see how I created the pattern, hopefully this picture will help.
The elastic waist pants pattern has been folded to knee length, and the pieces cut out as one. The extra fabric making it more skirt like and avoiding a side seam. I've used the selvedge for the hem, so just sewed front and back leg seams together, then crotch seams together, made an elastic casing, inserted elastic, added a back tag - done!


Rose said...

What a great idea! I'll be interested in the wearability test.

Jenni said...

I too will be interested to hear about the comfort and practicality of these. It is a really good idea.