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Thursday, 20 February 2014

2 new ivory tops on the go

In keeping with the SWAP colours, though not the original storyboard in detail, I have cut out two tops.
They are both ivory, so maybe the sewing fairies will let me off this once.

The first one is made from an interesting fabric which has alternating 'bands' and 'crinkled section' all woven in the fabric. After much debate I chose them to run across, as I need volume on the top to balance a chunky lower half. This is a very simple design, a dartless block adapted from a book, it has a round neck, shaped back seam and long sleeves (not shown) and just pulls on over the head.

The second one is from a remnant of sweater knit a fellow sewer donated to me in a bag of scraps. At first I thought it was too small a piece to cut a top, so changed my plans and cut out the blouse above instead. Then the problem stewed a bit, I slept etc and then came up with an idea of using some pieces I had drafted for a knit top with a 'cutabout' front. I found the pattern pieces and then had to do a bit of creative single layer cutting, plus only have cap sleeves (not shown), and so came up with this.
The front is made of 5 separate pieces which work best if they are all at different angles. I mostly just went with it and fitted them on the scraps of fabric as best I could and it seems to have worked out well. The back is a single piece but with shoulder and neck darts instead of a centre back seam, which needed for my 'rounded back' alteration.

Neckbands will be done next, a simple bias facing for the top one and a stretch band for the lower one. Then sleeves (I will prehem the knit sleeves on the coverhem machine), side seams, main hems and some of those lovely hanger shots!

It is good to be sewing again even though there are many other tasks which could also do with my attention, I just needed to sew a bit.
I got a lot of satisfaction out of working out how to get a top from the remnant, a lot more than I do just cutting into yardage. It is bizarre perhaps since I have a lot of unused yardage but still like to play about with the scraps!


Rose said...

You'll get a lot of wear from these 2 tops. The second one is a creative use of fabric. I look forward to seeing them finished. You are almost there!

BeaJay said...

Great tops - loving the look of that second one.

KathyS said...

There is nothing like making something nice out of too small bits of fabric using creative cutting. I do it often. Your tops are great and I love the piecing on the second one. Well done.

Jenni said...

They are both lovely but I do love the scrap one. I too adore messing with scraps despite a bulging cupboard as I hate to waste fabric. And its a fun challlenge too of course.