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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Celtic Scarf Outfit 9 (my version of September)

The inspiration has a great sweater with skinny cords. I've gone more for a rust sweater instead, and more classic dark brown wool trousers.
Accessories are olive faux suede ankle boots, dark brown suede bag and an echo of the rust colour in a bead bracelet.
I really love this look and it is as cosy and warm as the brown sweater and camel trousers in my take on January.
Only October, November and December to go now, and of course I have still switched things about to suit what I have in the wardrobe.
I still have some co-ordinating clothes left over after all of that, so will do some bonus outfits using those pieces as well as time allows!
I am enjoying doing these posts so much, and hope you are too.


Dorothy DotDot said...

Your color choices are nice and vibrant!

jemilyea said...

Yes, I'm enjoying these posts! I was amazed at how well you are able to do your interpretations; I'm realizing I need more basic mix/match clothing choices and better accessories.