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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

SWAP thoughts and missing patterns

SWAP is still going over on Stitchers Guild and I am all over the place.
For some reason I cannot find the pattern pieces for a couple of favourite patterns, and although I have searched the disaster area that is my sewing room several times I have not found them.
So that means I would have to use some new patterns. I have plenty to choose from, but they make SWAP harder if you have to fit as well as sew.

I am all over the place on the colour scheme as well.Though maybe either grey or wine could be a good third colour.

So far we have
Green tweed skirt as my 'Sewn before the 26th December' piece. This is from Simplicity 9825.
Then the jacket I made from Style 2514. This is my 'previously made' item.
 Orange dartless woven tee adapted from a block from a book.
Then a dark green corduroy skirt, also uses Simplicity 9825.
Next a cream knit top, which uses Simplicity 2977 with sleeves from somewhere else.
And a navy dartless blouse from the same block as the orange top.
That could actaully be 2 3 PACs, one of jacket, skirt, top and the other of skirt + 2 tops.
At this point I only need to sew 5 more garments and I am done. This would need to be another 3 PAC and two wild cards. If I went with more navy, more cream and then grey or wine I would not be too far away from a workable collection.


AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Love it so far. Berries and cream, okay, cream and wine would be perfect additions. Looking forward to the final results.

Jenni said...

Looking good and five items should be manageable... says the woman whose swap is also all over the place and also has no clue what her next five will be. I think the navy and cream would work best as wine with the orange may make it look less cohesive.

RhondaBuss said...

All of your pieces are lovely and the mix and match factor is over the top. I think patterns like to play tricks on us as I have a few I can't find either!