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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jeans: Burda Feb 2014 #143

I have struggled recently to buy jeans since the legs went skinny but mine did not.
I do have one pair of Wallis trouser cut jans which look like bootcuts on me, but I don't wear them too much in case they wear out on me.
I also don't find the Big 4 cut trousers to fit me, but I am quite a lot like a Burda sloper (at least on the lower half). In Burda skirts/trousers I am a size 44 which means I am on the cusp of the the normal and the plus size and so I often look to see if there are suitable trousers. I do have to take in the centre back waist a little, and hem another 1cm shorter, but quite close to fitting as is.
In the February Burda I was pleased to see some Plus sized Jeans styled trousers, which should be a good starting point for me, should I wish to make jeans for myself at some future point.
I also quite like the knot neck knit top though wonder if it would feel too close on the front neck where I am very sensitive.


Jenni said...

They look a good pattern for you. Hope they work out ok. I shall look forward to seeing them when you get chance to work on them.

RhondaBuss said...

I hope you give them a try. This looks like a wonderful pattern.