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Monday, 28 April 2014

Plastic bag holders

I have a yen to sew things made out of rectangles for a bit, and decided to tidy up my pantry a bit by gathering all those plastic bags together in a plastic bag holder. To avoid reinventing the wheel I found This Tutorial for a Plastic bag Holder it looks very clear and would be great for a beginner project, but hopefully will be a good way for me to use up stash and make some things which are possible Craft Fayre type items. I reckon there's about 7 months until the next Christmas Craft Fayre, so if I get sewing now I might have some things to sell there. Anyway the first one is supposed to be for my pantry, and can also work as a bit of a test for future Craft Fayre ones.....
Well I used a rather heavy upholstery fabric, very firm elastic and thin rope, and although I love the result it was hard hard work and I won't use fabric this thick for any I make to sell for charity that's for sure!
My wrists are aching from pulling the elastic and rope through the thick casings. next time I will use a thinner, but still sturdy fabric. The tutorial is good though and i would recommend it.


Jenni said...

Very good idea. I have one that is made of teatowel cotton and it has lasted well so I think a lighter fabric would do well.

Zippi Kit said...

I like to make them from cotton blends that I can wash. Not that they get terribly dirty or anything. DH has been asking for a couple more for his workshop and the RV. Nice work Ruthie!