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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wearing Verdigris SWAP 2014 (Verdigris Tweed Set)

I know you have all been keen to see me actually wearing some of the clothes, so I moved the table, took down the map of the world, set up the tripod and the camera on self timer, and can share these with you.

Verdigris Tweed Set.
Green/black/grey/white tweed bought at least 18 years ago in Laura Ashley in York, and made up more recently into a jacket (Style 2514) and pencil skirt (Simplicity 9825). The blouse is from a basic shell block I drafted from a book, with a bias bound neckline and removable infinity scarf made from the scraps.
The jacket was previously sewn, the skirt sewn before 26th December and the blouse made in January.

The colour is rather off as I've taken the photos indoors without a flash, but it shows you the fit/shape etc.
Here are some hanger shots which show the garments themselves a bit better.


Anonymous said...

Great suit, love your choice of fabric and the blouse's color is spectacular

Jenni said...

Really smart outfit. Looks wonderful on you.

Sharon said...

Looking good, very stylish.

Jane M said...

Love your jacket especially. It is cool and rainy here so tweed sounds cozy as well as professional.