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Sunday 13 April 2014

Vogue 2989 Charcoal Grey Skirt completed

The Vogue 2989 Charcoal grey ponte skirt is completed.
I have lengthened it by 6", by adding a strip of tissue paper above the pleat detail (this is where the lengthen shorten lines are marked). This allows it to fall gracefully below the knee, more flattering on my figure.
I am really pleased with this skirt, which completes my SWAP.
 Vogue's line drawing (above) and model photo (below).
Here's the final collection.


Anonymous said...

I love that skirt, Perfect fabric to make those pleats look perfect

thornberry said...

The skirt looks lovely. Congratulations on completely your SWAP! It has been very enjoyable following your progress, and your considering selection of styles and fabrics.

Jenni said...

Fabulous skirt. Well done on finishing the SWAP.

Cennetta said...

I like you skirt. It's a new spin on the traditional pencil.