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Monday, 14 April 2014

SWAP completed

I am really pleased that I have finally finished the SWAP. The last two garments were hard to get started, but enjoyable once I got going.

The SWAP rules say this about the photos , though no dates have yet been given for submission, I am guessing about a week after the end of sewing time on 30th April.
You'll need to take a minimum of six photos, maximum 12 will be accepted. Please keep a copy of all images you upload on your hard drive in case SG's server fails or something is accidentally deleted.

The photos may be on you, on a dress form or any other way which shows them well.

You should show how you plan to combine tops and bottoms, and together should show everything. You’ll probably need to photograph some bottoms more than once.

Composites will be allowed, but only if they show details of the same outfit, e.g. a back view, a close up or the “before” photo if you are recycling. You may not show two different outfits on the same photo; such photos won’t be posted!

A single photo showing all the items together will be allowed but not required.

Please number your photos and then add a brief note to describe each one and when you plan to wear it, e.g. 1) Pink cotton Jalie top with khaki  poly/cotton BWOF pants; weekend shopping.
 So I am planning to wear my SWAP pieces and get photos taken of them in action. I will share them here as I know many people are a little frustrated with the hanger shots.


BeaJay said...

Well done! A great SWAP. I am sure you will get a lot of wear out of it.

Lisa Laree said...

Congratulations, Ruthie!! What a great collection! And with 2 weeks + to spare...

Gabrielle said...

Well done! I'll look forward to seeing them on you:)