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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Knit top refashion

OK so I can't stay away from the sewing machine at all!

This one was a quick and easy project. I had already cut off the side seams of this over large knit top, and then put it to one side. Today I wanted to sew something simple, and had ivory on the machine....

This top is from when I was at my fattest, a UK size 20! I loved the print though so saved it hoping I could recut it later.

I used the Jalie wrap top to get a better size and shape for the top, and cut new set in short sleeves to replace the kimono sleeve on the original. I also removed the back ties because I think the fit is fine without them. I think the new top is much more wearable (as well as being 2 or 3 sizes smaller)

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Jenni said...

Very nice indeed. Its a lovely print and the band across under the bust just gives the top a more polished look. Wonderful work as always.