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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Other stuff with brown thread

Whilst I was thinking brown thread I altered a knit top that was too loose in the body, cut apart and completely reassembled a knit top, shortened some trousers, and sewed a button back on to a skirt.
I also put a skirt waiting to be altered into the charity shop bag because I didn't like it enough to put the effort into the alterations.

I've had enough of brown now and have just rethreaded the machines into sunset orange for the next item!

Left - before (some issue with the colour) and on the right - after (colour is more accurate).


gwensews said...

OK--orange it is! I like fall colors also. Brown, orange, red orange, olive green. All those "woodsey" colors.

Rhoto said...

How SMART of ya!! "Rethreading" mostly counts with your serger? Do you tie on?
I admire your accomplishments, Ruthie.
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

SewRuthie said...

Rhonda mostly I tie on but this time the lower looper thread slipped off and I had to redo the whole thing.

Jenni said...

Love the newly altered top. Very nice and much more shapely.