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Monday, 25 May 2009

Simplicity 4076 Knot front Top - Orange- Finished

The knot front top in red-orange is now finished. Its a great colour and I am very pleased with it. The viscose knit is beautifully soft, though quite thin, but was OK as long as I was careful.

Whilst I have the red-orange thread on the serger and sewing machine and I seeing what alterations/repairs I can do from 'the bag'. This is a bag of stuff that's too big, missing buttons, went a bit wrong etc, and I am trying to weed things out of it a bit by pulling them out for attention when I have the right colour thread available.

I have taken in the side seams on a camisole, and am about to shorten the sleeves and hem on a too long knit top. I dare say I will run out of steam shortly.

Tomorrow I am back at work, so will only be able to manage a couple of hours each evening, so my rate will slow right down, but I only need to make the ivory knot front top to might what I had planned so I think that is OK after all.

I know people like to see the clothes being worn, so I will do a fashion show next weekend showing them in action.


Rhoto said...

Gooooo, Ruthie!! 'Looking forward to your Fashion Show!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Jenni said...

Beautiful. You are on a roll and I love, love, love that colour and I can feel that lovely soft fabric through the monitor (well, you know what I mean). Looking forward to seeing this, and the other items, on you when you get time.