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Friday, 29 May 2009

Ugly Fabric

Patternreview.com are having a contest to use up Ugly Fabric by making it into a wearable garment.
I immediately thought of this piece of knit which made DH pull a face when I brought it home, and also strongly reminded me of the curtains in our family kitchen in the 1970's.

Each small flower is about 4 inches across, and the orange is a garish shade :-)

I like the idea of it being a Jalie wrap top with the front band in a plain orange knit (which matches perfectly).

Jenni (Yorkshire Lass) has advised I need to be careful where the flowers hit so I don't end up with one centred on each bust point. I suppose she's right, so I'll try and manage that.


Tina said...

See, maybe that's just a really good pic, but I don't think that fabric is all that ugly. Oh well -- eye of the beholder, I guess.

pcheainfo said...

It's funny, but at one time I'd have agreed with you that the fabric is ugly. Now I see that the design is big and bold and trendy and I rather like it. Do you know what you're going to make for the contest?

SewRuthie said...

I'm going to make a Jalie wrap top with the front bands done in a contrast plain orange knit I think.