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Monday, 22 March 2010

Bond's Invisible Zips

The weekend before last I went to stay with the lovely YorkshireLass and we went for a little trip to a Haberdashers called Bond's on the outskirts of Leeds. Haby is the British word for Notions, and is all the zips, buttons, cord, thread etc bits and pieces. We spent 3 hours in the shop and spent quite a bit of money.
 Bond's have some large bins stuffed full of zips for 20 pence each. I noticed that they had some coloured invisible zips (no black ones though) and spent time diving through the bins adding invisible zips to my basket in what I thought would be useful colours. I did go a little bit mad, and when we got back and counted them I had purchased 54 of them. Somewhat ironically I have mislaid the invisible zipper foot for my Janome so can't currently install any of them!

My local haby place sells only black or navy invisible zippers and they are £1.20 each, so I didn't feel like I was too silly buying all of these. They now have a special box to live in and I've added all the invisible zips from my generic sipper box to them, so when I want an invisible zip they will be very easy to find.


Jenni said...

Oh they look like candy all arranged neatly like that. I note you didn't count the buttons yet. (where is the evil icon when I need it).
Hope the invisible zipper foot turns up soon though.

Joy said...

How pretty they are lined up like that. It's definitely worth buying them in bulk like that, in my opinion (:

Sharon said...

How wonderful, I do the same and have a special place mine for them as well.

Buttons? Do share :)

gwensews said...

What fun!

sdBev said...


I do the same thing! Every time I hit a thrift store I seek out their notions and come home with bags of zippers. The stores used to discard zippers after a certain time, because of color changes. The stores didn't want to devote space to last years colors. Thrift shops became the recipients of zippers and me the happy finder. My feeling is I rarely install my zipper so they are seen so what's the problem with use a zipper nearly the same color? None for me. Anyway, DELIGHTED with your haul.