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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Burda Magazine for April

April's Burda magazine arrived today. Mine come from Germany and arrive after the people in North America get theirs which seems a little unfair to me.

I find it easier to see things on the website, and go through saving the garments I like. If we are truly honest I will probably sew the little V neck cardigan first from this magazine, though I like lots of the items, I am not sure I have a space for them in my life.

One thing I have realised with Burda tops is that they expect me to have more bust and front neck length than I actually do.
I am open to suggestions for how I can do a small bust alteration, neckline shortening thingy all in one.
I am the same measurement from shoulder to waist both front and back but with a forward head and have not yet cracked how to do this in Burda.
The partial success I had with Jenni helping me fit stuff appeared to involve the same 3 things
- petiting above the bust line
- reducing the front width above the bust
- lowering the front neckline

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