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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Project queue, UFOs or just wadders

I was reading somewhere where the writer referred to her UFO pile as the Project Queue. This puts a slightly different spin on it, but I fear it is spin all the same.
In my head the Project Queue is stuff I have planned but have not started yet. Then I have 5 boxes of things I plan to recut, went a bit wrong, or are otherwise paused. Some of these go back a very long time.
Because they are put away in boxes they are not impacting too much on my conciousness.

Are these items a source of great potential for when I get a recycling head on my shoulders, or in fact just a load of old junk I should get rid of? Some of it I keep because I love the fabric, but plenty of it the fabric does nothing for me at all any more but its not wearable garments that the charity shop could take and I'm not willing to put in the time to make the garments up. It seems a waste to throw it away and so I keep it.

Since I have chocolate brown on the machines at the moment I might well have a little trawl through the boxes and see what might get finished off or resized down quickly (I have some old too large clothing) and be stuff I could wear or use.
Maybe I can even be brave and get rid of some of it.

Spring is in the air, maybe the spring cleaning bug will hit!


Michelle said...

I am inclined to just throw away my whole ufo box. Everything in there is there for a reason, like poor fabric choice or a huge mistake early in the process. Plus, I never seem to say to myself "Man, today would be just perfect to wear that gray dress in the ufo box, I should finish that!"

sdBev said...

I've got to agree with Michelle. I know you,Ruthie, have done some great refashions in the past, but do you really want 5 boxes of UFO's hanging around always nibbling at the back of your mind? Sometimes you've just got to let go.

Tina said...

I'm with Michelle on this one. That stuff is in there for a reason. Usually, I just get rid of it becuase all it does is weigh me down.