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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Planning the next SWAP

I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to SWAPs/capsules/co-ordinates etc. I have not even finished the second of my two current SWAPs, my wardrobe is bursting (though its not all stuff I love) and I am planning my next SWAP/wardrobe/capsule.

The new SWAP is going to be black/red/white and has various pairs of striped trousers in  black or charcoal, various knit tops in prints/stripes using black/red/white and a piece of red linen. Plus a black/red/white print knit dress. Yummy!
Almost none of it is from stash and I have been buying the fabrics deliberately to go together. I think I am a hopeless case. However I think it will all be very work suitable. I love stripy trousers with a colourful print knit top and already have red costume jewellery and a funky red handbag, and even a choice of red shoes, depending on how badly my knees are hurting.
Plus its even corporate as my companies logo is white on a red background. (Have I convinced anyone yet?, I have managed to convince myself already!)

The next PR wardrobe contest starts in July, so will have to see if I can hold off until then. If not I might do my own little Ruthie SWAP in May and June and post it on the blog. Or perhaps Elizabeth will be hosting a Summer Sew Along on Stitcher's Guild I can join in with?

Since I am currently resisting it (as I have more pieces to make for Amber Glow) I have not actually pulled any of the pieces from the fabric cupboard, though a few have been auditioned and then put away again.

One thing I do want to do on any new pairs of trousers is add pockets which are large enough to hold a Blackberry. I now have one from work, and keep putting it down, so pockets in all trousers has become essential, and is probably cuter than buying a waist holster for the thing.

(Previously I had a work mobile phone, and avoided mislaying it by having it on a cable round my neck all day, I looked a dork, but it worked, BBs don't have a hole for a cord in the same way so can't continue that anymore.)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it! I'm currently doing a black/white/red/grey mini wardrobe on PR. Love those colours!

Jenni said...

I'm definitely convinced by your SWAP plan. Glad I'm not the only one planning my next move whilst working toward finishing my last bright spark plan.
Red/White/Black always look smart.

Ann said...

Red white and black is a favourite combination of mine and one I will be doing for winter as I have the fabric in my stash.
Have you ever thought of making a small purse or holder for your BB? I know of a American company that has a cute one but there should be a free pattern on line. Here is one http://sewing.about.com/od/freeprojects/ss/cellphonecases.htm
This one is my absolute favourite and I am thinking of getting the pattern to make myself one. http://www.lazygirldesigns.com/products/item/Maggie/296/p2c50