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Saturday, 20 March 2010

'Dirty denim' skirt

I've been away quite a lot. I was away with work for 2 days and then went straight to see Yorkshire Lass for the weekend. Came home for a day and then away with work for another three days. Came back yesterday evening and only started to sew again tonight.
Fortunately I am not working this weekend and hope to catch up with housework and sewing.

I am sewing a 'dirty denim' long straight skirt from Simplicity 9825 with the browner side out, the brown and blue together look sort of olive, and this will probably be the final piece in the Botanical Garden SWAP.

The 'dirty denim' I am using here has tan coloured threads in one direction (which would normally be white ) and then very dark indigo in the other. As a result its kind of dark brown one side and sort of olive coloured the other. Here I am using the back which is the greener side.


Patricia said...

So dirty denim is one with a brown instead of white weft? The resulting colour looks like the perfect neutral. I really like the skirt.

Jenni said...

The skirt looks lovely and I am sure it will be a very versatile item in your wardrobe.