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Friday, 1 July 2011

Interesting knit top styles: what next

I enjoyed making up the striped top. My first garment sewing this year. I wonder what would be fun to do next? I have some crazy fabric I've wanted to make into a dress and if there's some left over, which there often is if you're not too bothered about sleeves, I might be able to sneak a knit top out of things too.
Isn't it wonderfully crazy? It makes me laugh out loud its so much fun.
Hopefully it won't engender that reaction in others when they see me wearing it made up!

I am torn between making something very plain, scooped neck, plain sleeves, wear with a belt style or actually having some seaming a detailing - knit front or black bands to break things up - ideas?
I wonder if a V or square neck would be better than the normal scoop?


Anonymous said...

And to think I occasionally think I would pick up a crazy ruthie print!

I'd do a square or scoop neckline; I think a V might just be not quite at the right angle with the print. But maybe you can do a cardboard cutout of the shape and hold it over the fabric to see.

I must say that this fabric says "maxi-dress" to me.

Ginger said...

I have just gotten back into sewing and I LOVE the wild knit prints. I don't usually pick up Vogue patterns but they were on sale this weekend and I got #8575 -- it's a knit dress with a little gathering to a placket in the front of a surplice neckline. I made the version with cut-on sleeves.

It's certainly not the easiest dress but it's wonderful in the wild print... not worrying about matching prints or anything. It's more interesting than a plan dress but with no sleeves to set in, it really was easy. And, mine's in a size 18 and it's very flattering with the empire waist and gathering around the bust.