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Friday, 15 July 2011

Legging and Autumn thoughts

I've made some navy blue leggings to wear with a purchased dip hem tunic. Definitely a Saturday look but fun none the less. I used the leggings pattern from January's Burda magazine and found they are very fitted, and a bit long. I have a 5cm elastic casing at the waist (and its right up at the waist) and a 6cm hem, this was without adding the suggested 3cm hem allowance. The picture shows scrunching on the models ankles, and I was getting this look before the 6cm hem. I also used a size 44, added 1.5cm sa and then sewed at 1cm instead for a little extra room. These are snug, though I do have chunky legs. Unhelpfully Burda say to use very stretchy fabric, and mine seemed pretty stretchy, but whos to say what actual percentage stretch they expect.

I've also been captivated by ejvcs Autumn sew along 2011 6-Piece Autumn Collection (6PAC) sew-along (August - October) and have planned a multiple piece wardrobe in brown/cream/orange - all from stash. I realise its only July, but we're not having a very hot summer, I have plenty of summer clothes plus some great fabric and accessories ready to go for Autumn. 
My current plans are

ONE  jacket – brown tweed
ONE skirt – brown tweed
TWO underlayer tops – one leaf print, one cream
TWO overlayer tops – cream cardigan, brown cardigan
ONE more bottom – brown tweed trousers
Leaf print dress
Brown tweed waistcoat
Orange knit top
Leopard print showercoat
But we'll see what actually gets sewn.


Susan said...

Thank you Ruthie for bringing the 6PAC to my attention! I hadn't seen it on the Stitcher's Guild forum yet. I've joined in!

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words about my Mum's vest. She was thrilled to get so many compliments!
Re your leggings, I've made a few of my own as well, and I drafted my own pattern to fit my own leg shape, the only way imo! And you are right, the individual fit is sooooo dependent on the stretch factor of the fabric. Some fabrics require way more ease than others.