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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Shopping

Mum and I went shopping today which was great fun. We both had some vouchers to spend and also bought other things too. We had lunch out and afternoon coffee as well and then went back to their house and had dinner with my dad before I came back home.

We had a lovely time shopping, and I even managed to convince mum to get properly fitted for some bras.
She had been wearing 42B's but in fact is a 38C. We'll see how she gets on with the new ones as she was finding the proper band rather tight. She did look hugely better in the new bras though.

I came home with homegrown vegetables, home brewed wine and a new top which didn't fit mum, as well as all my purchases so am feeling rather treated, especially as I didn't have to cook all day.

I bought a canvas picture for the house as well as a quilted mattress cover for my bed.
The other items were classic bitter chocolate shoes and bag - really for the autumn, a pair of side zip navy trousers, a textured knit top in lime green, a floral print scarf in brown/cream/orange, a purple fleece jacket, white cami with built in bra and a boost bra in nudetone.
So now I better just stay home and cook/sew/garden/do laundry and keep away from the shops!

I've been making poor food choices since I've been living on my own and gained a bit of weight. So I need to eat a bit more salad and a lot less pizza. I'm planning to do some cooking tomorrow to have some healthy things in the freezer for work nights.

Plans for the mad print fabric are still percolating but hopefully will progress tomorrow.

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Sharon said...

Oh fun! I went shopping with my daughter today and had her get properly fitted for a bra also. Amazing how many of us discover we've been wearing an incorrect size for so long. She'll get used to the fit of the band especially since the other had been too big for her.

I don't even want to think of autumn yet! I stuck to the summer sales myself.