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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Orange T shirt dress

I've just finished my first item, a long T shirt dress in orange knit using Vogue 8679.

I must admit I don't like the lovely Auburn haired model in the grey, instead imaginging her in my browns and oranges!

A little part of me was saying "orange T shirt dress - NUTTER - when do you think you'll be wearing that?". And then I tried it on and immediately was able to style it with a short orange jacket, a brown belted safari jacket, and a long white shirt as well as several necklaces, scarves, belts and shoes. It does need nude underwear (and perhaps even a nude slip?) so I guess for me an orange T shirt dress is quite a useful item in the wardrobe.

1 comment:

Rhoto said...

You're teasin', Ruthie!! Looking forward to see your "styling" orange t-shirt!! ;)
Rhonda in Montreal