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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Book: Does this Make Me Look Fat?

I recently ordered a used copy of Leah Feldon's 'Does this Make Me Look Fat?' after someone mentioned it on one of the sewing boards.
I have a large number of these style type books and have been thinking quite hard about what is flattering and fits my personal style for a while now, so I don't suppose there were any massive revelations for me in this book.

One idea I did very much like was that each person's wardrobe should have 'a common stylistic thread'. And I am definitely working towards that. Of course it helps to know what your style is, so you can apply all the other stuff to it, but I am sure it helps explains a few wardrobe oddities.

I am struggling a bit though with reconciling some conflicting advice.
So for instance generally you should choose the same colour head to toe as this gives a long line and is more slimming. However I need to wear contrasting colours (darks with brights usually), and in particular dark colours around the face are very unflattering for me (what's the point of looking slim if I also look ill?). I am also heavier on my lower half and she and others have advised I have darker/plainer/simpler bottoms and have all the interest on my upper body with colour/prints/texture/layering etc

A lot of her advice makes complete sense and rings true for me. In fact a few areas I had forgotten about were good reminders and recent wardrobe mistakes are now more obvious.

She of course includes the wardrobe clear out, and I think mine is probably overdue for another one. I have to admit that I keep stuff becuase I made it and it took a long time, or I bought it and paid more than discount prices I am reluctant to free the garments. But some weeks I just seem to live out of the basket of clean clothes rather than getting things out of the wardrobe.

In particualr my recent year of wardrobe sewing has produced a lot of clothing (most of which I really like) but my cupboard was already stuffed and overflowing.

I have been re-evaluating this year what RuthieK style is, so I think with a firm grip on that concept I need to have a wardrobe clearout. It can be painful or cathartic depending on how ready I am to let things go.
Its a bit too cold here at the moment for trying everything on though so I think it will have to wait until spring is a bit closer.


gwensews said...

I have this book also. There are others, one by Palmer/Pletsch as well. Most of us really do know what looks best on us.

Myrna said...

I have this book and enjoyed it. I've read a LOT of this type of book. They intrigue me so I also have Looking Good which is the Palmer/Pletsch one. It has a LOT of tips on internal and external lines and on porportion. The book that I most enjoyed is called Nothing To Wear by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. It's very much about finding your style personality and developing a "me" wardrobe. Have fun Ruthie. That's the main thing. OH - and clearing out the closet feels real good. It's like opening up space to become.

- Myrna

Patricia said...

I have several Leah Feldon books.
In one she says to wear a matching jacket with trousers or skirt (in other words- a suit) with an open shirt colour pulled over the lapels to give you a shot of contrast and brightness at your face. That way you get the length of the single colour with the pop of the contrast at your face. Another thing she mentioned is to wear your jacket open to show the contrast or one monotone underneath with a bright jacket.

I will look for the book to see which has this in it. She references Roise O'Donnell in the description.