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Saturday, 30 January 2010

My style

Whilst doing laundry today it becomes obvious that I have a personal style, a uniform as such which I fall back to over and over. When I am wearing an outfit with these components I feel very happily me. It goes like this.

1 - Striped trousers. Straight or wide leg with a dark background and white, self or coloured stripes. (occasionally I have textured trousers, and even more rarely plain ones, but I like stripes best)
2 - A knit top with elbow, three quarter or long sleeves. Usually in a light or bright colour or strong print.
3 - A jacket (or sometimes cardigan) which picks up either the dark background or the strong colour.
4 - A bold necklace in the strong colour.
5 - A large pashmina scarf in the strong colour.
6 - Shoes and bag in either the dark background or the strong colour.

I use quite a few different colours and combinations but the overall formula remains the same.
I do sometimes wear woven blouses/shirts, knit or woven dresses and even more rarely skirts, but when I pull together one of the outfits which uses the formula I am totally comfortable. (I must admit I did not realise i had a formula, but the evidence was in the laundry basket!)

It is interesting that I have bought and sewn a lot of skirts and also some woven blouses which I rarely wear. I wonder if I should force myself to try the skirts/blouses/dresses more often or whether I should just stay wearing (and sewing) more of the items I love so much?


Michelle said...

Good for you for throwing in those strong colors! Every time I do my laundry I find that I have a uniform, too....grey, black, and white. If I get "crazy" I might throw in some khaki or brown. I know, I'm edgy that way! I need to follow your example and be better about focusing on a pop of color.

Heather said...

I think you should continue to wear what you love and what makes you happy when you wear it. You could have one or two of the skirts or dresses for those times you need them. It's not like you are wearing the same colour every time so you wouldn't always look the same way. Congratulations for figuring out what your style is.

kbenco said...

I think a "uniform" is a big part of having a distinctive style. However, I know that I wear completely different clothes to work than I do at home or in casual situations. I do tend to experiment more with my out-of-work clothes, but small tweaks are fun for the work wardrobe.Sometimes it is good to get out of the rut a little.