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Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year


This is where I should list all the projects I made this year, but you can see from the picture above a lot of what I've been sewing. I am not really into looking back too much, other than to learn some lessons from what worked and what didn't.

A few of the sewing blogs out there in cyberland are asking  'What was your favourite piece of clothing you made in 2009? '

So I suppose that should be the thing I have worn the most, or got the most satisfaction from. A year is a long time and a lot of sewing to review. Even looking through my reviews on Pattern Review does not show everything I made this year.  I do think though this year really has been the year of Wardrobe sewing.

I did the following wardrobes
Stitchers Guild SWAP
PR Mini Wardrobe which was also the first WiaW (wardrobe in a week)
June capsule Contest - where I was the winner :-)
Another WiAW
PR Wardrobe Contest (which I did in a month and came fourth) which was also the 6PAC on SG
Christmas Collection
and I have just started on two SWAP plans, though they are really for 2010.

Sewing wardrobes all the time has its pluses and minuses
The pluses are that you have clothing which works together, and once you know the colours and styles you like each new capsule or collection tends to overlap partially with a previous one.
Today's outfit is a case in point. I am wearing stripe trousers from SWAP 2009, a white and turquoise print top which was a late entry for the 'Inspired by the Sea' collection and the black and gold cardiwrap from the Christmas Collection, teamed with turquoise suede ballet flats and turquoise jewellery.

I suppose the minuses of this type of sewing are it tends to reuse the same patterns over and over, and they tend to be simple ones. So those statement one of a kind pieces are missing.

During 2009 I realised I don't always dress in a way which is true to myself, particularly for work so that's something I have been trying to adjust, and it takes quite a bit of sewing to overhaul a wardrobe.

Anyway thanks for reading, and I hope you will enjoy seeing the things I sew over the next few months as I work on SWAP Plan #1 'Amber Glow', and SWAP Plan 2 'Botanical Garden'. I am excited about both my collections and hopefully will be able to complete them by April 30th 2010.


Sharon said...

Wishing you and yours a fantastic 2010 and I can't wait to see what garments you produce.

Love the orange cardy.

velosewer said...

Wow. You've done so much and it all looks so together.