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Saturday, 16 January 2010

My take on the trends for Spring Summer 2010 - Accessories

Accessories. I love them. My weight has gone up and down a bit over the years but accessories always fit. And when you are being good and want a treat they have no calories.
I think accessories can really change the look of an outfit. However whilst I love them, I don;t want to spend a lot on them, have anything too faddish, or anything impractical. I have knee problems so all those crazy shoes are probably going to be no use to me. OK so bearing all that in mind, my take on the trends:-

This trend is about see through plastic used in bags, shoes and bracelets. It doesn't appeal to me at all, so I will be giving this one a miss. Having said that if you like the bodycon look in the earlier post, these would work well with that for a hard, modern edge. Its just not me.

Much more my style the other key trend is wood, leather, hessian etc in natural tones. This one is much more me though I would tend to take the darker browns than the lighter neutral colours. I also think the natural colours will have more longevity in the wardrobe and work well with the Safari/Animal/Batik look which I also like.

Up next. Some practical (but maybe not all that flattering??) bag options.
First the backpack. I previously owned a leather backpack which I used until it fell apart. Hopefully this look will filter down to the highstreet and I might be able to pick up a new one.
Another practical look is the bumbag (fannypack for the peeps in the US). Where this has the old 80's curved style, I am again feeling way too old to revisit it, but there are some tasteful slim rectangular numbers on belts or cords that look just the thing for keeping your money in when fabric shopping. So I hope the small rectangular bag on a belt does hit the highstreet as I would use that.

A few trends going on in shoes. It will be interesting to see which of them actually filter down to the high street.

Fortunately there are flats in, though quite a lot of ankle strappage going on, and if you have legs or ankles much larger than a toothpick these are best worn only with trousers IMHO. I have a soft spot for a gold gladiator sandal but we'll see.
yes flat lace-up men styled shoes. In classic black, but also in neutral, gold, red etc.
I last had a pair of these at University 20 years ago and I wore them out I loved them so much. I like the idea of these, but I think they are best not in black otherwise they are too close to the original men's style. So I shall keep an eye out for these. Care needs to be taken to not wear with too mannish a pantsuit, so best in an outfit with one very girly item, perhaps a pretty blouse.

Those designers love heels, but heck they make my knees hurt. So I will probably give them all a miss. For those of you who can walk in them they come in two main styles
Decorative heels
These have feather, lace, bows, crystals and other crazy things attached to them. I say noooooo and run for the hills. Having said that a little something on a plain shoe is nice.
Summer boots
These are in lighter colours, often in fabric rather than leather and may have open toes or heels. Cute with the safari look to bring it up to date, but probably a step too far for me.

Shoes with socks
I am having trouble with this trend, and think it will only be pulled off well by the very young and trendy. Basically the idea is to wear contrasting socks with heeled shoes. The socks are often sheer, sparkly or lace. Sorry it just looks wrong on grown women to me. (see previous comments on undies as clothes and raw edges - its my age again!)

These are very large statement necklaces. As ever some of the designer ones are completely over the top, though others are really quite wearable.
I would wear a modified version of this. I like big chunky necklaces, and with simpler outfits think these can bring a great punch.
If you do go for something like this I think you have to pretty much leave off all the other jewellery (except maybe small stud earrings and a wedding band) and keep the clothing understated as well. However done well I think its a great look and unlike so many others can be worn by all ages and sizes.

I shall keep a look out in the online and physical stores as the new season clothes and accessories come out and add a few new items. I am determined to maintain my personal style but also stay current :-) Lets see how I get on!!!!

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