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Saturday, 2 January 2010

January Burda Magazine

The magazine arrived a few days ago, and I have a few things I like in it.
I quite fancy this dress (made a bit longer to hit me at a more flattering leg point) made in dark brown knit with some embellishment on the wrap over neckline piece. Its 117A.
I'll need to make a test in some nasty fabric first to see what the petite sizing is like. Might be OK as I sometimes petite the upper half of bodices anyway and I plan to add 25cm to the length. I know this will alter the proportions but those knees and calves do need to be covered up for everyone's sake :-)

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sdBev said...


If you'd rather not do the muslin, adapt the process you used in reshaping the seams. That is, pull out a pattern from one of your dresses that you like and lay it on top of the Burda pattern (yes that does mean tracing the Burda pattern first). Usually, you can easily compare the known-good-fitting pattern with the new pattern and make reasonable decisions.

Note that I said usually, there have been times that this procedure bit me. But overall it has been so successful for me that I do it routinely.