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Sunday, 31 January 2010

SWAP progress report

Well its about a month since we started SWAP sewing, (Sewing started on 26th Dec and can continue to 30th April) so I thought I would do an interim progress assessment.
So we are roughly a quarter of the way through the sewing time, and I have two SWAPs on the go. Let's see how they are getting on.

Amber Glow
This was my original SWAP plan and is in dark chocolate brown with red-orange, gold and ivory. This is all designed to be worn with amber jewellery I received as gifts for Christmas and my birthday.

So far I have made a pair of striped trousers, and a lot of tops. Looking through the tops, the animal print one is a maybe, the ivory cowl neck is in definitely. The mock wrap top was just recut from a too big version, so doesn't count as not made from scratch within the timeframe.  The red-orange cowl neck is lovely, but does use the same pattern as the ivory one (is that too boring?). The scoop neck top with beading is definitely in. The red-orange cami and cardi-wrap may or may not be in.

So that is one bottom, 2 tops that are in and 3 tops that are maybes. 3 pieces out of 11 in on target for one month in.

I have been wearing all the pieces from this, with the trousers getting worn every week with various of the tops.

Botanical Garden
This is a 4 trousers SWAP and although I planned to do it all from stash I have bought some extra knit fabrics to use with this SWAP. The colours in this are dark olive, lime, strong warm pink and ivory inspired by bright flowers against dark green foliage. The ivory pieces will I think be interchangeable between both SWAPs and also with lots of other pieces.

So far I have made a pair of wide leg lined wool trousers, and a straight leg striped pair, an olive top with bamboo design in spring green and yesterday's ivory top. All of these will definitely be included.

So that is two bottoms and two tops. 4 pieces out of 11 is slightly in advance of target for one month in.

I have worn the wool trousers, but so far none of the other pieces (in part because two have only just been finished).

So I am definitely on target with the sewing so far, although I have not really tackled anything very complex - for instance the lined Vogue dress I have planned for Amber Glow, or any jackets. I also know that February in particular I have some additional weekend work, and that generally February and March will be busy at work. I shall just have to make what time I do have count :-)

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Jenni said...

You are making great progress and both SWAP's are looking good and are off to a flying start. I don't think it matters that you have tops from the same pattern, they are different colours so give a different look in each case.