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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fabric purchases

Today I went to the nearest fabric store which is about 15 miles away and had a good rummage.
Underneath one of the sections of furnishing fabrics I found a whole load of suiting and linings. All really nice quality, some seemed to be factory samples, others perhaps from a closed tailors shop. None of them were on bolts and they were many of them only 1.5 - 2m pieces.
The shop owner decided to charge me £1 per metre for these so in the end I came away with 23 metres of fabric. I suppose I ought to know better really as I have quite a good stash and am participating in the PR Stash contest at the moment, although the only garment I have made is the coral pink cosy on the previous post.

Today's purchases
75cm of chartreuse (yellow/green) slubbed silk (50p)
4m of mid brown striped lining (£4.00)
2m of dark brown lining (diamond weave pattern) (£2.00)
2.5m of  coppery brown lining (£2.50)
2m of dark brown pinstripe suiting (£2.00)
1.5m of black stripe suiting (£1.50)
2.5m of black stripe suiting (£2.50)
5m of dark navy suiting with darker and lighter stripes - v drapey, could be made into a work wrap dress or similar (£5.00)
3m of olive finely striped suiting (£3.00)
and 1.5m of ivory knit with black print (slightly art nouveau) (£1.50)
this has a fault which I will have to be careful how I cut out and layout to miss the fault and work the print with the garment.

P.S. Absolutely agree with Heather, in some cases this is a boring looking haul - nice linings, classic suitings, one print knit, but its all stuff that can be sewn up and worn in my everyday life. I love striped trousers.
I would like a little top/jacket out of the chartreuse silk, but not sure if there is enough of it.

P.P.S. Jenny the shop is very hit and miss. This was a hit obviously, but sometimes its all just polyester nonsense. Lots of things are not priced, and it depends which person serves you as to the prices. I saw the owner, and he obviously wanted me to buy this stuff he thought would be hard to shift. They buy up rollends from manufacturers, and stuff from closed businesses and sell it cheaply, but its really variable. Normally the only have poly lining at £2.50 p metre and poly satin for bridesmaids dresses and fleece. Plus lots of home dec. I bought really nice knits there last year but never seen them again - so another one off.
It is T.P. Textiles in Warrington, Cheshire.


Myrna said...

LOL - I totally get it Ruthie. Great find. Enjoy.

- Myrna

Heather said...

I see some striped suiting there so I'm sure it won't waste away in your stash for long, but will become some nice trousers!

kbenco said...

What a fabulous find. I think you were very restrained at only 23 metres, they sound like classic fabrics.

JenSA said...

Great buy, I agree that with your job the suitings will be perfect.

Jenny said...

Excellent! I think I'll be making a treck through England up to Scotland this spring, so I need to find out where this store is. :-)