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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Nail polish

I've noticed a few of the very hip sewing blogs also feature nail polish of the day. I am vaguely interested in these and feel my blog is missing something.
So, for completeness I do wear polish on my finger nails everyday, and frankly feel wierd without it. I usually remove and redo it on a Sunday evening for the week and use, wait for it.....

Rimmel French Manicure in Cafe Au Lait - that's beige by the way in case you wondered.
I have had brief forays into coloured and sparkly polish but actually they don't feel like me and they usually only last one day before I have to remove the alien-ness.
Although this is supposed to be used for French manicures, with white tips and all, I don't bother with that. I just do a single coat and let it dry. I have warm toned skin and the beige polish somehow works better than clear or pale pink which look a bit girlish on me.

I do paint my toenails with strong colours, usually red or copper, although these can only be seen for a few months in the summer I paint them for my own happiness all year round. But I really don't think photos of feet is something we want on the blog.

On this basis, this is probably going to be my only post ever on nail polishes, but if you like coloured fingernails, go for it :-)

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