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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Stash Contest: Knit Top

Slightly ironically, since I have bought a lot of fabric on the last two weekends, I am participating in the Pattern Review Stash Contest.
Here is another items make from stash, as you can see I am still sewing hot pink.
This one is from the Simplicity 4076 pattern, adapted a little.
This also works with my Botanical Garden SWAP, though it may not make the final cut as there area lot of pink tops.

I bought 23.5 metres last weekend and another 15.5 today, a total of around 39 metres.
So I think my goal during the stash contest is to sew about the same, and retain stash parity, though I think even for me that's a tall order, unless I make tablecloths, curtains or duvet covers. At my usual 1.5 to 2m per garment that would be something between 20 and 26 garments, of which I have managed 4 so far totalling 8 metres.

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Sew Passionista said...

A very pretty pink and a nice simple style! My goodness how do you manage to participate in so many contests!!