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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Progress on green print blouse

Well after a few modifications, here's where I have got to with the green print blouse.
The front wrap gaped, so I cut the finish off and gathered the front up and added a narrow band. This now fits better against the chest.
I have not yet added the collar stand and collar, or decided what I am doing about cuffs. I also need to make some new narrow tie ends for the ends of the bands to get tied to - currently pinned.

I think this fabric works well for the theme of 'Botanical Garden' so I am persevering with it.
This is based on a pattern in March 2010 Burda magazine - no 122.

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Debra Martin said...

Nice fabric! Is that a BURDA Style pattern - the tied wrap top from the March 2010 issue?