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Monday, 5 March 2012

Decluttering in progress

The decluttering is in progress, and it has to be said that my home is a target rich environment, so it was slightly hard to know where to start. The very first thing I did was to put the dead flowers in the green bin (garden waste) as much as I enjoyed them when fresh they were a bit sad later on.

Then I turned my mind to clothing, and so far I've tackled the coats and scarves in the hall cupboard, the jackets, blouses and cardigans and some books. Its feeling good, so I need to keep my energy and keep going!

Sadly I'm now at the point where I need to try things on from the main wardrobe! Black tights, ballet flats and jersey cami is probably a good base for most of the pieces.
5 bags of stuff to go so far, including some shoes and I was extremely pleased to find some favourite solid gold squared-hoop earrings I thought were lost 2 or 3 moves ago (had been dropped into the toe of a shoe!). I am very pleased to have them back!!!!


3 bags and a box of books/crockery taken straight to the charity shop so I couldn't change my mind!
Great to get it out of the house..... more to do though.


Ann said...

Great work, Ruthie. You are doing amazing. Keep it up.

Joy said...

Decluttering is so invigorating. Nice find on the earrings! I often find single socks folded up in sheets, but that's not nearly as exciting.

Julie Culshaw said...

Ruthie, I selected you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Come on over and pick it up for your site, then pass it along.

Dixie said...

There's something in the air lately, with lots of decluttering going on. Even I, a hopelessly cluttered person, have been feeling it.
Good for you for acting on the urge and clearing out your space!

purpleivy said...

Hi Ruthie, Picked up on your blog via the SWAP/wardrobe threads on Artisan Square. Been enjoying them very much.

I've recently had my colours done again on a visit to the States, spent a fortune on new fabric stash in 'my colours' and am having to remind myself that I do need to clear out. I've made a start on the obvious candidates, but you have reminded me that I need to get on with it.

It's really hard to get rid of things that are favourites, isn't it? Things that were fab but now showing signs of age. Things that aren't now quite your right colours (hair colour change and slightly aging skin mean mine are changed somewhat) but you still like.

The silly thing is that I know if I get rid of some of these things I can have a whole lot of fun getting organised with new things that are better for me.

So why is it so hard to let go?