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Friday, 30 March 2012

Shelving progress

Well its taken all week to recover from being ill, and although some bounce has now returned I have not got my full energy back by any means. I've had to learn to relax and allow myself to get better which for a 'doing' type person like myself is tough.
Next week is a 4 day week, and then a 4 day weekend for Easter, which I can use for sure.

I changed my mind about what should go where on the shelves. Now I think all the fabric will go on the shelves (knit fabrics are currently in another unit). Then sewing related notions in the large drawer unit and above the small drawers in the old knits unit. Meanwhile the other half of the old knits unit will be the craft centre, and I will move it further down the wall (this unit is in two sections, currently next to each other but can easily be moved).
Also my large drawer of miscellaneous cables and electronical bits will need to move through to the study.

I'm still thinking about the principles in Julie Morgenstern's book, 'Organising from the Inside Out'.
She uses an ackronym of SPACE
1. Sort (basically group stuff together, ie all fabrics together by type, craft materials by the craft etc)
2. Purge (throw away junk as you go and anything you know don't love)
3. Assign a home (Decide where to put the stuff you are keeping, this is what I'm doing above, can involve moving furniture)
4. Containerize (Get boxes, baskets etc if needed, to properly store the things and label things clearly so you know what's there).
5. Equalise (Maintain the system you have set up by putting things away in their assigned home after use, and review that the whole arrangement is working and fine tune as necessary).

I'll share some pictures once I have stuff sorted, in case its useful to anyone else out there.


Ripple Dandelion said...

That's a great acronym. Maybe I need to paint it on the wall! Good for you focusing on organization!

Julie Culshaw said...

This is useful. I have made a note to myself, because I certainly need to organize my stuff.

LyndaSewing.blogspot.com said...

I'm printing that one out too. It reminds us that stuff is just stuff until we know where it is and that it adds value to our lives. If not, it's not worth keeping.
Enjoy getting things organized!

Doobee said...

I do well until I get to the 'C & E' in 'SPACE'. Problem is I head out shopping for great storage ideas and then manage to get 'lost' in all the super ideas. Then trying to maintain the system is also difficult in a busy world.
So I realise I actually really like your 'SPACE' theory, minus my 'CE' - because that spells 'SPA' and that I can really get my body into....

Janine said...

You`re getting there. My favourite ( silly ) saying is Rome wasn`t built in a day so I feel like any progress is at least progress and don`t feel pressured to do things all at once. Sounds like your new craft room will be great.

Alison said...

I'm glad you're coming along with the planning. I love me a good bit of organisation!