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Friday, 23 March 2012

Surfacing again

Hi folks, I've had a flu like virus and then an upper respiratory infection which needed antibiotics, so have not been doing anything much due to exhausting coughing spasms which has left me aching and with trouble sleeping. I've not been out much but friends and family have checked on me by email, phone and text, which has been good. I'm just starting to surface again now though need to take things very gently.

Annoyingly I did not get to finish painting the sewing room shelves, so they have sat half done for nearly a week. In the end I just shut the door to that room and tried not to fret. I shall get to them when I have the energy. They are just shelves right?

I had a pause on SWAP whilst I started the new job over a month ago now, and did some craft show sewing. But I need to carry on with SWAP again soon since all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2012 which is only about 5 weeks away and I need to make at least 4 more garments.

The SWAP rules ask us to sew garments from 7 categories, 4 of them twice. So far I have sewn garments from 4 categories, 3 of them twice. So I need to make 4 garments of which 1 needs to be from the same category as something else (not already doubled up). I must be starting to feel better because yesterday that was double dutch but today it makes some sense.

I haven't got any clear idea what I want to make so I think the best approach is to go and get the fabrics out and see what speaks to me, whilst considering the remaining categories and start there.


Julie Culshaw said...

I had viral bronchitis this fall and it lasted for 10 weeks. I have never been ill for so long before. So take care and don't rush things, you need to get better first.

Seraphinalina said...

Ick, sounds like a horrible illness.

I agree with your decision to go to the fabric. I always find inspiration there.

Dixie said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you're back to full speed soon!
Your SWAP looks great so far, and I know you'll pull in some other great fabrics to finish it off. I'm looking forward to seeing what you sew up!

Doobee said...

The flu can certainly 'knock-you-for-six' and then some!!! Sounds like you had a good case of it, and still do. Take it easy, and turn a blind eye to those shelves. Enjoy prowling around your fabric stash - this in itself is great medicine....